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Re: Simple question:

One of the strange things about Sigmas is that having chosen to go minimalist (not a bad thing) they consistently make a mess of it.

You can be complex and make a mess of things like everyone else but if you go simple, claim a photographer-centric approach, strip out features and price high, you better be very, very good at design, implementation and testing as you are very exposed by the simplicity.

Unfortunately, so far Sigma have not managed to pull it off. All their cameras, like a naughty but favourite child, require a certain degree of indulgence (ie rose tinted glasses) to disguise the shortcomings.  Which is why I occasionally moot Cosina as a body supplier. If there is anyone in the industry with a long history of successful OEM of cost effective, practical cameras, it's them. Sigma could do worse than being a sensor supplier to their own OEM'd products...

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