Best Macro Lens for D800E

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Re: Best Macro Lens for D800E

anotherMike wrote:

No matter what you end up with - keep this in mind: Go find a late 60's 55mm Micro Nikkor F/3.5 that has been "AId"; it has to be one from the late 60's - look at Roland Vinks serial number list for help (google it). This particular version (unlike later versions that blended close up and distance performance) is CRAZY sharp in the macro range out to a few feet - as in, I honestly don't think I own a sharper lens for subject distances from 2 feet to about 6-7 feet. My cost? Found a used one for 66 bucks. Manual focus, single coated, and beat looking, but unbelievably good at F/5.6. How good? I honestly think it smokes either of the 60mm Nikkors (AFD and then G) I have owned in the close range. (On the downside - it is HORRIBLE for long distance work and shows every day of it's 40+ year age at that distance, but for close in work - staggering ain't even the word)

Might be worth an experiment just to play

(Just remember to find an "AI'd" one so you don't damage your D800 if you try to mount an original non-AI one - this one is one that has to be AId to work)


+1... The non-AI 55/3.5 is a legendary lens, extremely sharp. Another one to suggest could be the Macro-Elmarit 60/2.8 which is also great beyond mid-distances up to infinity, with better MTF curves than most modern normal lenses, almost zero distortion. I Leitaxed it for my D800E but keeping the 55/3.5 too.

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