Pluses and minuses of 5DIII vs. 6D???

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Re: To: scorehound & Phil

When you bring FF lenses into the equation (as opposed to your 17-55), things tilt more toward the 6D, but only if you’re going to make large prints.

Using FF lenses on a 7D reduces the optical (not digital) resolution by the 1.6x factor.  This is because the final image requires less enlargement for any given print size.  Of course this assumes you’re using the entire frame, or doing only minor cropping.  Depending on the particular lens, the difference can be significant, or trivial.

For example, my 100 L with IS was never quite as good on my 7D as my Tamron 60mm (both are macro lenses, the Tamron is optimized for APS-C).  However, I prefer the 100 for its IS.  On my 5D3 the 100L is a fine performer, easily equaling the results I was getting from the 60mm on my 7D.

Because you’re pleased with the quality from your 7D, you might consider renting a 6D for a few days, just to see for yourself what the differences might mean to you.

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