(Q) Question about ISO behaviour

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Re: (Q) Question about ISO behaviour

Nicolas Isaksson wrote:

Lately I have noticed that the photos on my Q using ISO 400 are noisier that at ISO 800. Has anyone else noticed this too?

Nicolas, were you shooting Out Of Camera (OOC) JPEG's?  If you were using the auto Noise Reduction (NR) for OOC JPEG's, it is likely that the camera is using stronger NR for the higher ISO 800 than for the lower ISO 400.  So, as someone else has asked, if you post 100% zoom images complete with EXIF data this will likely be revealed, although your images should be of something of high enough fine detail to show the effects of higher NR application.

According to DxOMark, there isn't any stronger compulsory NR applied to raw for ISO 800 than for ISO 400, so if you were to shoot in the raw image data format and convert with a "neutral" raw converter application such as RawTherapee, you should see the expected difference in noise for ISO 800 as compared to ISO 400.

Regards, GordonBGood

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