X-E1 3x magnified view smearing?

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Re: X-E1 3x magnified view smearing?

Ryan Williams wrote:

belcanto wrote:

Am I the only one seeing this. When using 3x magnified view it looks like there is heavy noise reduction going on. Try it on foliage or textures and tell me what you think. For me its really a problem when I do manual focusing. I can hardly tell when i got it nailed, its that bad.


What you're describing is normal. All the viewfinder is doing when you magnify the view is literally making the image a lot bigger, the same as if you took a 1000x1000 photo on your computer and resized it to 3000x3000.

There will of course be significant quality loss when doing this because the camera isn't literally zooming in, nor is it cropping. It's just taking what the viewfinder sees and making it bigger, probably to keep performance snappy.

Do I understand that you see it to? For a while I was wondering if it was my camera only.

When trying to understand what I see I come to think in the same lines as you. But then they must be doing something else with the 10x magnifikation wich looks as detailed as one could hope for with no smearing.(only bad refreshrate)

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