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Roland Karlsson wrote:

maple wrote:

I'm inclined to give Sigma the benefit of doubt and believe that they know what they are doing. They just do not have the necessary know-how, nor the resources to acquire such know-how within the relatively short time frame.


Most of the weakness of SD (and DP) are sensor related. So changing to a Canon or Nikon body wouldn't solve many of the problems, except perhaps AF speed and accuracy.

Lets analyse this statement. Lets divide the Sigma DP cameras in sensor - and the rest.

Analysing the SD cameras I find hard to do. Really have to use one extensively to know what I am talking about. The SD15 and SD1 seems to be good enough cameras, I assume. But SLR are working tools that need to work well for you - so testing is necessary. One thing that bothers me is the SA mount though. Sigma pretends to have a SLR system - which is totally false. In the good old days, camera makers like Sigma used K mount. Richo did it. Chinon did it. Panagor did it. And even Sigma did it. This is (for the customers) a much better idea.


  • Only one sensor available vs hundreds for Bayer
  • Only one (propriety) provider of the sensor
  • Only lower ISO, due to detector noise and color conversion.
  • No AFE in SD1. Advantage? Disadvantage? Surprising at least.
  • Power hungry
  • No advanced video capability
  • Strange color space - needs advanced conversion
  • Large RAW files
  • Omitting AA filter is possible, better than for Bayer
  • Good sharpness at pixel level
  • Some people loves the IQ
  • Some problems with splotches and banding reported.

The rest

  • Good lenses - very good
  • No zooms
  • Simplistic functionality
  • Medium size bricks with attached lens
  • Bad battery life

Some of these points I could argue over but hey that would be arguing for the sake of arguing, generally though seems a reasonable assessment.

I actually wished they were even simpler, no jpeg, no video, hell even manual focus only.

Have it switch on by attaching a tripod plate, force the users

I have an RX100 which I chose for convenience over image quality and a DP2m for image quality over convenience. So far great combo and I can carry them for a day and hardly notice it, what wonderful technological times we live in. Only seems yesterday that I first picked up a Fuji S1.


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