Z990 --Looking for an external flash that will sync optically

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Re: Z990 --Looking for an external flash that will sync optically

KodakRetiree wrote:

I contacted B&H. They suggested the following, but before I buy, I would like input from the forum. If I should be posting this in another forum, please tell me.

Here should be fine, for there are lots of knowledgable member here.

The problem is I am looking for an external flash to help boost my Kodak Z990 flash. I borrowed a pro flash from a friend and all my pix came out black. B&H told me it makes sense because consumer cameras do a preflash (which, they told me is so fast it is impossible to see) and that triggered my friend's studio flash, which closed the shutter so fast no image was registered at all. Can anyone here explain that to me?

In my previous post, I already mentioned that it was the pre-flash that was causing the problem, B&H also confirm with what I've told you.

When the Z990 set to use flash. It actually flash twice (a pre-flash and a main flash), the pre-flash is use for metering, so that the camera know what setting to use. Then came the main flash where the camera actually took the picture. Because the pre-flash actually triggered the studio flash, so things got screwed up.

Going forward they suggested I buy this optical flash trigger device which can be made to ignore the preflash:

Link to B&H for Nisha device

Yes B&H is right, you need a slave device that can ignore the pre-flash. If you use external flash you'll need to use manuel setting with your Z990.

and this Vivitar flash which will work with any camera. I'm not sure exactly why he said this was the best flash

Link to B&H for Vivitar flash

Why not? Vivitar made good flash. I think some flash has build in slave (ensure that the build in slave can program to ignore pre-flash). Then you don't need the Nisha slave. Otherwise you'll need the slave and the flash.

Then I would need to tape this all to a light stand I guess.

There are amounting hardware you can get for the light stand. Or you can consider getting a L-shape bracket to amount the flash on. Depend on your application.

They have a 30 day return policy, but before I order I'm hoping someone here can give me pointers or suggest another solution.


Hope that help.

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