Softlighter II Mechanical Question

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Re: Softlighter II Mechanical Question

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I'm using the Softlighter II with an Alien Bee 800, and am concerned about deforming the female thread in the umbrella shaft by overtightening the AB umbrella clamp....

Is the possibility of deforming the hollow umbrella-shaft even an issue?


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I spoke with Photek sales manager, Larry, who said that deforming the Softlighter II shaft-thread is not an issue.  No reports of that to date.

He also suggested I replace the standard A-B reflector with A-B's Umbrella Reflector. It has a much wider beam spread, ensuring that light will fill the umbrella even if the lamp is not crirically positioned.  In other words, one can slide the threaded portion of the shaft past the clamp-screw, and still get uniform light-distribution.

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