LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

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Re: LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Lobalobo wrote:

Although the time you spent to reply is appreciated, your condescending tone is not. The only reason I suggested that there might be a sharpness downside to shooting in A mode with the lens set to wide open is that your post suggested as much. It is, therefore, ironic, that you would reply with disdain for those uninformed enough to offer this supposition.

Try rereading it again without inferring that I was only talking about you. I see now that I used the word "you" instead of properly saying "Some users". I wasn't specifically stating that you believe or do those things.

However, I was implying that generally people perceive sharpness as the most critical property when it really isn't that important.

That post wasn't meant to be condescending. I was simply stating my opinion on what some people believe to be true and what I believe to be not true. It was meant to challenge people to go out and figure out for themselves what is important in their eyes. It wasn't meant to put anyone down.

Sorry if there was any confusion on that. I never intended it to be a put down. However, I do ask that you reread it with an open mind and look at from the point of view as just a recommendation of how to view the importance of sharpness.

Fair enough.  The irony is that it never would have occurred to me that keeping the lens wide open would detract noticeably from sharpness (at least for portions of the image within the focal plane) until I read your post. I assumed that you chose P over A to keep allow the lens to stop down for sharpness and your discussion of the ND filter also suggested that there was an ideal sharpness other than wide open.  But again, thanks.

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