Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: However many Bayer pixel equivalents are involved, I like the DP2M output

Roland Karlsson wrote:

MrBlissfly wrote:

I would suggest that that is mighty difficult to do as one is always comparing a system rather than just the chip.


Too much weight is put on this measurement in my opinion anyway.

This is the curse of digital imaging

And the Foveon chip struggle for becoming accepted has amplified this trend greatly.

The problem IMHO is that fans always exaggerate the advantage of its own equipment. And then, of course, those that are more precise wants to see if its true. And the measurements begin. And the fans get annoyed.

So - the questions should be. 1) does the camera deliver good images? and 2) is the camera price worthy? 3) do I like the camera? If yes, yes and yes, then its a good buy. Even if there exist better buys.

For me, yes, yes, yes.

What are those better buys?

(another turn on the lid of the can of worms) 

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