Recommendations for all-around weather-sealed m4/3rds lens

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Re: Recommendations for all-around weather-sealed m4/3rds lens

Yeah, I answered my own question.  And, today, I ordered the Panasonic 12-35mm.

As for why it's important for it to be weather sealed, I take my camera everywhere in all kinds of weather.  The real push for me was shooting outside in a heavy/wet snowstorm in Western Mass over Christmas, getting the kid's first sleigh ride and some other great shots.

My OM-D was pretty soaked and I was doing all I could to keep the non-sealed lens dry and I decided that was just not fun -- that the last thing I wanted to be doing was spending any time playing in the snow instead worrying about getting water in the lens or camera.

Now that may have been a remote possibility (water in the lens/camera).  After all, I have years and tens of thousands of photos shot with my old G1, GH2s, etc. all using non-sealed MFT lenses.  Walking around in the rain in Chicago, on the beach in California, all over.  And it's never been a problem.

But it was always in my mind.  And now, it won't be.  Or at least it will be a lot less and I can enjoy what I am actually there to do all the more.

And now you know the reason.

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