What would be the most compact bounce flash available?

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Re: What would be the most compact bounce flash available?

mikhs1 wrote:

Thank you.

I will be using it with an Olympus OM1 fully mechanical camera. So the TTL capabilities are of no use. I do need a flash with auto and full manual exposure controls. Do these flashes (Sunpak rd2000 and Metz MZ3) provide that ?

I'm not sure about the rd2000. I've not seen one in person -- just noticed the nifty form factor. There is a video that demonstrates it's abilities on the US sunpak distributor's website.

I use the larger style sunpak flashes like you mentioned previously. They work great and just seem to keep going. If you only use them in manual, you can buy them in any dedicated iso shoe version and pull out the pins you don't need. If you get the kind with the dedicated modules, you can take the screws out of the metal plate, open them up, and neatly trim the dedicated leads on the circuit board. It converts the module to non-dedicated, so you don't need to worry about messing up the camera with mis-matched circuits.

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