Need advice on building new photography oriented workstation pc

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My thinking on the new configuration

Thanks everyone! Here's what I'm thinking for the new PC:

CPU (either Xeon, i5, or i7 (maybe even i7 3770)) with Hyperthreading.

Storage: Local Raid 10 with SSD Cache (intel SRT based). Probably will put os, programs, scratch disk on another SSD. I have the HDDs but not the SSDs

- Option 1: I will keep the existing card for now (it does work fine)
- Opion 2: use an intel chip with built in graphics for the time being (is this is good/bad idea?)

Memory: 32gb matched set or 2x8gb to start with an eye on expanding later. Advice on best choices?

Mobo: This is what I think I need or is important
- 6gbps Intel SATA controllers (Intel is supposedly better for certain SSDs)
- Enough sata connections for Raid 10 hdds, 2x SSD, optical drive, other(?)
- USB 3 connections for fast interface to external storage
- Gigabit ethernet (ideally Intel)
- Other?

Cooler: Air cooler, want to overclock CPU but have a stable setup with safe temperatures and safe internal voltages (in other words, not a huge overclock).

I'd appreciate recommendations: which CPU, MOBO, SSD (1 or 2), RAM, Cooler? I'm now thinking I will budget $1000 for these parts.


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