Nikon 500mm f/4 VR or ?

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Re: Nikon 500mm f/4 VR or ?

Joe Porto wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

Personally, I know few dedicated birders still using DX. It doesn't provide any reach. It just crops the center of a larger image. It doesn't magnify or bring things closer. Your software does but the DX sensor does not. The only advantage to a DX sensor was that it could put additional pixels on the target. Even those days are somewhat over with the D800. As was said, the frame rates suffer a bit, but this is an excellent birding camera in my opinion. The D600 might also be not bad.

I agree, DX as a means of getting more reach is really just smoke an mirrors. Plus, when you are tracking birds with a long lens, the wider FOV of FX makes it a lot easier. Your lens is able to see the whole picture, so might as well have an FX camera so you too can see the whole picture.

I also find that at first, you may be concerned with getting the most resolution to photo far away little subjects, but as you progress, you learn to get close to your subjects, and high pixel count is no longer a concern. I've seen some amazing bird photos taken with the D4 and 500mm f/4!

I disagree, a crop sensor will put you on your subject where your fx sensor will put you in the back of the bus.   I shoot with both and they are both tools to be used during the right opportunity.  Shooting with equal MP your going to get half the size in prints should you crop the image down to match the DX.   I still haven't seen anyone here or elsewhere come close to the late Ronnie Gauberts imagery with a D200 DX.

Af for a 800mm lens at f5.6.  I will take my 600mm f4  VR and use a TC14eII to match it.   If you're using an FX dslr grab the 800mm when it's available your going to need it.   The price has to be around 12-13k just chump change.



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