Canon 70-300 L + extenders on TDP site ???

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Re: Canon 70-300 L + extenders on TDP site ???

Alessandro77 wrote:

I see on site that Canon 70-300 L has been tested with both 1.4x and 2x extenders III, reaching 420 and 600 mm respectively, but as far as I know it's impossible to mount any Canon extender on such a lens.

I understand that when the lens is zoomed towards the long end of its focal length range, it is physically possible to fit a Canon Extender because the rearmost lens elements move forward far enough to allow this. There is no "extra pins" support, of course, so the camera body is unaware of the presence of the Extender, and there is a real risk of damage if the lens is inadvertently zoomed back to the short end.

I believe there may be one or two other examples of Canon zoom lenses that can have an Extender fitted when they are zoomed out. And it is well-known that all Canon Extenders fit all of the TS lenses without any risk of damage but with no "extra pins" support.

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