About Olympus and abandonment.

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Well I disagree with Paulk...

PaulSnowcat wrote:

I was a 4/3 user some years ago... And, I must say, I was a HAPPY 4/3 user. I was happy with my E30 and E3, and with my lenses...

And then I was eagerly waiting the coming of E5. I thought Olympus will give us something innovative, revolutionary, great and never-before-seen, as it did earlier with several of it's cameras.

But then E5 came... It was complete disappointment. Nothing new at all! I've sold my Oly gear 2 month after E3 release, because it was obviously the system's death.

And seeing price drops on all Oly's gear makes me think i was right. Unfortunately.

The E5 is actually a better, more capable camera in so many small but significant that it continues to sell for twice and more the price of an E-3.  True, it is still hamstrung by the Panasonic sensor, but the degree to which it coninues tyo hold its price and be useful is also a testimony to the resourcefulness and responsiveness to Olympus engineers.

Of course Olympus has done - or rather the heads of Olympus - have done some stupid and negligent things, and I, too, was very disappointed noit to see even so much as a wooden mock-up of an E-7 at Photokina.

Butt when I look at all the new EVIL LV, pivoting LCD's, dustbusters and so many other Olympus innovations things that have swept through the photo industry (right back to the small size of the OM's), I can't help but feel confident that there are probably a few more tricks up the olde girl's sleeve yet.

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