Need indformation about NEX-5N

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Re: Need indformation about NEX-5N

Albert Drybrae wrote:

I am interested in buying an NEX-5N.

I want to know what is the sensor size ratio to a full frame 35mm.

As others mentioned...the sensor has a crop factor of 1.5x - the same as other APS-C sensor cameras from Nikon, Sony, and Pentax.  It uses the same APS-C 16MP sensor as can be found in many other DSLRs, SLTs, etc.

I see that the 5N is discontinued, how does it compare to the 5R? I wonder if I should just get a 5R or try to get a 5N on the cheap?

The 5R is sort of a replacement for the 5N, except the 5N has stayed on sale for a while longer. The 5N came out a year ago, the 5R more recently.  There are not huge differences; namely the addition of phase-detect sensors on the image sensor, the additional 180 degree articulation of the LCD screen to face forward, and the built-in wifi and available 'apps'.

Has anyone used the eye level viewfinder on the 5N or 5R? If so, did it work well?

I use the Electronic Viewfinder attachment on my NEX-5N, almost all the time...I've only taken it off on rare occasion when I wanted to slim the camera down to pocket size for carrying along to dinners or formal events...otherwise the EVF is attached full time and used full time.  It works wonderfully and transformed the NEX for me - with the NEX3 that had no EVF attachment available, I used the camera about 10% of the time as a lightweight alternative to my DSLR...with the NEX and EVF attached, the NEX now gets about 30-35% of my shooting, and sometimes more in certain seasons.

How about the other accessories such as the flash and the and the ability to attach lens' from Nikon and Canon? Has anyone tried that?

Flash - no...I don't find any desire to shoot flash photos with the NEX.  I rarely shoot flash unless I'm shooting a hired event requiring group shots or portraits, in which case I use my DSLR and external flash units.  With the NEX, I prefer natural light shooting and never attach the flash that comes with the camera, nor bought any additional flashes for it.

As for mounting other lenses - yes, I use mine that way frequently.  I haven't used Canon or Nikon lenses myself - I've used Pentax, Chinon, Vivitar, Konica, Soligor, Rokinon, and Osawa lenses with my NEX-5N via manual focus adapters.  It's a pleasure to use the camera with older manual lenses - I can't say if I'd enjoy it as much with newer modern AF lenses.  I like the feel and feedback of turning a geared manual focus ring and aperture ring to set my exposure and shot.

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