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Re: Prime Based Kit?

Dheorl wrote:

Hey everyone,

I've already posted a very similar question in the FF Nikon forum but seeing as I'm not currently tied to either brand I figured I would ask the advice of the guys who use FF canon cameras as well. I might end up buying either brand but that will be decided later.

Atm my camera kit is a m4/3 based kit. Over in lilliput alot of people are adopting the use of prime only kits, due to the extra size and weight savings, and possibly because it just seems fitting with all the retro looking cameras, tbh I don't really know.

I've been wondering about getting a full frame camera for some time now though and was curious as to whether anyone used a FF camera with a so called "holy trinity" of prime lenses, I guess in this case the 24, 50 and 85 f1.4 lenses would seem like the logical choices, or maybe 135 dependng on how long you like your protrait lens. It doesn't seem like it would have quite the weight savings in comparison with the zooms that you get with m4/3 cameras, but would definately make best use of the shallow DoF avaliable with FF cameras.

Any thoughts on the matter would be welcome. I'm starting to wonder about the idea of giving a prime based system a go, I just can't decide which system.

I usually take the 5DIII with the 28/1.8, 50/1.2, and 135/2. Sometimes the 135/2 gets replaced by the 85/1.8 for weight savings (or skipped altogether). The 40/2.8 also gets use. The 16-35/2.8 gets less use now, I often just throw the GF1 and the 9-18 and the Samyang fisheye in the bag in case I feel the urge to go ultra wide (and the 45/1.8 if leaving out a portrait lens for the Canon).

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