OMD versus G5, IQ

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Re: OMD versus G5, IQ

Roberto de La Tour wrote:


I already saw comparisons and debates concerning Panasonic and Olympus "larger" m4/3, but I ended up getting confused.

Concerning specifications, i can read or find out.

But I am not sure about Image Quality. I understand OMD IQ is better than G5. But WHY? (apart from lenses, where I read that the zoom usually put in a kit with the OMD is not very good... true?). But with the same lens? What makes OMD have a better IQ than G5? (or G3)

Thank-you in advance

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As Anders honestly pointed out the difference in image quality is 2/3rds of a stop better which given the price difference is not that big a deal. Here in the UK the Panasonic G5 is half the price of the E-M5 .This gives you the possibility to either save money or buy a better lens. With regards to features the 5 axis IS of the E-M5 is its star turn assuming you value this feature , the fully articulated screen on the G5 is in my opinion far more useful than the tilting option on the E-M5 .

I think that the G5 is the best value mFT camera at the moment with a great feature set ( built in EVF , articulated LCd etc) . THough the E-M5 is no doubt a great camera unless you specifically wanted/needed its features the G5 gives a lot for the cash.


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