Need indformation about NEX-5N

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Re: Need indformation about NEX-5N

Hi pcake,

I am deciding between the 5R, 5N and F3. One of the things I am looking for in the camera is some sort of feature that aids self portraits. On many occassions I am travelling alone and I am looking to take photos like the ones in ( ). Some sort of remote triggering option is greatly desired.

Pros of F3

1. In built flash which also can be used for boucing

2. Flip forward scree

Cons of F3

1. No IR port and hence no remote triggering. I am forced to use smile shutter + ace detection feature which i a not sure how reliable it is.

Pros of 5N

1. Amazing IQ, great price today.

2. Enables remote triggering

Cons of 5N

1. No flip forward scree, NO wi-fi

2. No built in flash. Attach ment flash cant even bounce

Pros of 5R

1. Enables remote triggering. Even remote viewfinder with smart camera

2. Flip forward LCD

2. wifi, good IQ (still not on par with 5N).

Cons of 5R

1. Around $200 more (as of today)

2. No built in flash. Attach ment flash cant even bounce.

I am ok paying for 5R but my biggest complaint with 5R is that even after paying $200 more, I have to compromise on no built in flash, lower IQ than 5N (worse touch scree) etc. So I am paying $200 more only to aid self portraits and losing on almost everything else.

Since you have used 5N and 5R, it would be great if you could comment. It would be very useful to me/




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