Shooting low light indoors?

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Stuntflyer wrote:

eddyshoots wrote: I will usually shoot at higher ISO values to try to balance the ambient light with my flash. I have no problem shooting at ISO 1600 for a party type shot with my D300...your D5100 can go even higher. Yes there will be a little bit of noise but it will be minimal if you get your exposures correct. If you shoot more like this you must keep an eye on white balance as you will sometimes get a funky mix between your cool (blue) flash and your warm (yellow) incandescent room light. Things can get even worse if florescent bulbs are in the mix. If the colors clash too severely, you might be better off killing the ambient light and lighting everything with flash


This link does not seem to load.

You point about using higher ISO is well taken.

What are the steps to follow that Would kill ambient light in the event that colors clash too severely?

(1) lower ISO, (2) large f-stop number (small aperture), (3) fast shutter speed (max out at your camera's sync speed, usually 1/200s or 1/250s).

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