About Olympus and abandonment.

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Re: Jev, I disagree

dave gaines wrote:

jev2000 wrote:

... If you don't want to read such threads, don't. Same with the m4/3 threads that pop up here, people who are bothered by them could just as easily ignore them.


It's been hard on the forum to have m4/3 adopters coming back to DSLR Talk with negative predictions for DSLRs and telling people we should abandon 4/3 and adopt m4/3. That's what most of the m4/3 posts have been in the recent past. It's a forum killer, spoiling the conversation for people who come here to discuss Olympus DSLRs.

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Then we disagree and that's fine. I don't read the m4/3 stuff that lands here because it's extraneous to what I'm interested in. There are a whole lot of threads that I don't read for the same reason. So, for me, it doesn't matter. For you it does and I appreciate that, but given human nature and the lack of a 24/7 moderator that will review each and every post, we can expect to see threads that don't appeal to us.

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