A lesson relearned

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Re: A lesson relearned

sjgcit wrote:

I'll mention this because it may help some beginners out there.

I had a recent experience that reminded of something I had forgotten - the photographer sees more problems with the image than the viewer ever will.

I had taken a lot of shots at a party with my extended clan in all directions. As usual I was the only one taking photos ( why only me I don't know ), but I'd used my Fuji S3, a Nikon 50mm f1.8 D and an external flash ( Metz 54MZ4i ).

Having got home I had a look at them and really hated some of the colours I was seeing ( it was mixed lighting, which is always prone to issues ). I eventually printed some of them off and reluctantly showed them to some family members, fearing the ruin of my small reputation.

Well of course they loved them. They don't see any problems with colours that I see. All they see is reasonably well framed shots that have the Fuji S3's lovely rich colours. And of course the external flash makes a big difference to the shots.

So I learned, yet again, that the photographer needs some feedback from the viewer to know when the image is fine. And that the photographer need to stop looking for problems in his images.

I wonder how long it'll be before I forget that again.

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Wisdom, this is.

Thank you for sharing.


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