Which Lens Hood for 650D (T4i)?

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Re: Which Lens Hood for 650D (T4i)?

BandofBrothers wrote:

Hey everyone

First post in the Canon section of the forum so please be gentle:-) (I also have a Nikon 1 V1 which I am playing with also at the moment).

Just picked up the Canon today - the battery is currently charging. I want to pick up a Lens Hood but not 100% sure which type I need / would work on the camera as I can see both petal hoods and regular round hoods.

I am just using the kit lens (18-55mm EF-S IS II) at the moment - will look into better lenses later in the year when I have some funds. I will also look into possibly getting a UV or Polarizing filter too (Hoya are good?) in a few days.

Many thanks for any help:-D

P.S. Can't wait to start shooting with this Camera!

For the standard 18-55 you need the EW-60C (or knockoff) cylinder style hood. The petal type does not work because the front element of the lens rotates with focusing.

Be warned that the rotating front element causes issues with a circular polarising filter. You have to set the filter angle after you have focused the camera.


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