Inexpensive tele-coverter for Olympus XZ-1 - any good?

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Re: Inexpensive tele-coverter for Olympus XZ-1 - any good?

Randyflycaster wrote:


Thanks again. I should've pointed out that I'm a fly fishing writer and sometimes I photograph for publication.

What I still don't understand is why shooting in the fullest resolution, as opposed to 2560x1920, will limit my zoom (or crop) capablities - or will it?

Also, I believe I once read that, for high quality photos, I should never use digital zoom.



for intended publication purpuoses you should indeed only use the highest resolution (3648x2736). My suggestions with limited resolution apply to everyday use only.

The extended zoom range (EOZ) is available only for other than full resolutions and works like this:

within the optical zoom range (28mm to 112mm) always the full chip area is used BUT (a large BUT) with selecting only the number of pix determined by the chosen resolution. Example: full area has 10 million pix out of them only every second one is used with a resolution of 5 million.

At the end of the optical zoom (112mm) the extended optical zoom range will start with continuously decreasing the used chip area (reducing accordingly the angle of the field of view) but with maintaining always 5 miilion pix (from the example above). This will continue until the central chip area with genuine 5 million pix is reached. Now the EOZ ends with a factor given by the square root of the ratio between the full number of pix and the reduced number of pix. The XZ-1 has 9,980,928 pix (3648x2736) full resolution and 4,915,200 pix (2560x1920) at the selected smaller resolution. From these two numbers the focal range extension factor of 1.425x is derived.

For highest quality requirements the digital zoom also should not be used. Your information is correct.


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