Newborn photo advice for a parent

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Re: Newborn photo advice for a parent

For shooting in tight spaces in the home, a single stand with umbrella may be all you have room for! In fact, keep the umbrella size modest, no more than 35 inch diameter. Umbrellas come in 2 flavors, reflecting and shoot-thru. The lowest price ones are shoot-thru, but I think the reflecting ones are well worth the price. A reflecting umbrellas give you more control over the direction of the light, while a shoot-thru usually splatters light over the whole room.

How many watts is a little tricky, since the actual watts is lower than the effective output, compared to a traditional tungsten light. Example: my Cowboystudio CFL is 45 actual watts, equivalent to 225 "old" watts. More info here -

So your "135" suggestion is Ok if that is the equivalent watts, and the light is placed just a couple of feet from the subject. Distance makes a real difference, a CFL light cannot compete with a flash gun, cannot light a big room by itself.

There is a whole lot of info on the web about shooting with flash. But because CFL output is so modest, that flash advice doesn't help much at all. Better to think of a CFL as a simple floodlight, that augments the existing light. The good news being that you get to place the studio CFL where it serves the subject best, and it is brighter, and better color, than a household CFL.


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