Video mode on your still picture camera... how do you use it?

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Very well said!

Draek wrote:

What I think you're missing is that video shooting is an entirely different art form, videography, whose rules and conventions are quite distinct from those of still photography; the issues you raise in terms of "capturing the feel" of a scene and having "too little room" for imagination all arise from that, it's simply you're an experienced photographer but inexperienced videographer.

Personally, I've been educating myself in the area these past few months, and as such have shot a respectable amount of video thus far; it's quite the interesting hobby. Still, I don't blame those of you who don't care to---it is an entirely different area of knowledge, and learning it just because your camera can be used for it would be no different than making you learn software programming just because you own a computer, or graphic design because you own a copy of Photoshop.

Videography is such a different approach to see the world.

I have played with the video features of my cameras and was amazed about the quality of the video.

I barely produce a good still photo, Video is way over my head.

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