Recalibrate NEX-7 electronic level?

Started Jan 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Recalibrate NEX-7 electronic level?

Photozopia wrote:

Seems like there is no user method of correction. Sony manuals only seems to offer following advice:

" .... indicates whether the camera is level in both the horizontal and front-back directions. When the camera is level in both directions, the indicator turns to green.

If you tilt the camera to the front or back to a large degree, the level indicator may have a large margin of error.

Errors of approximately ±1° may occur even if the camera‚Äôs tilt is mostly adjusted."

So that would be a 'no' then ...

That sounds like a definitive answer to me, thanks. Compared to my Alpha 55 and a brand-new laser torpedo level, my 7's consistently off by a tick or two, but it sounds like that falls within tolerances.

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