the final 36 photos taken with Kodak's legendary Kodachrome film

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DSLR shots not done to verify metering..

Dave Luttmann wrote:

quadrox wrote:

I am a bit curious - doesn't using a DSLR to practice the shots sort of invalidate the whole tribute purpose? I understand that he didn't want to "waste" one of the shots, but isn't that also a part of shooting with film? Doesn't he undermine the entire thing by not embracing the kodachrome exactly as it is?

And I also wonder how the digital test shots turned out - were they truly inferior to the kodachrome shots? If not, what does that say about kodachrome and this tribute?

It isn't about being better or worse than the K64's about that fact that for one, the film look is different....two, the experience of using it is different, and three, no matter what plugin is used for the DSLR....the DSLR is not K64.

People get too hung up on the resolution, dynamic range, latitude, etc, etc.....many use film because the look is different....the look is real as opposed to a fake plugin....and the experience of using it is different.

As to using the DSLR for practice shots....I found this odd as well. Certainly someone who has shot tens of thousands of rolls of film should have the metering pretty much down.

The shots with the DSLR were not done for the metering. The photographer stated that he did them to check the composition and the influence of the light.

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