Obama is leading from behind in Mali

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Re: Obama is leading from behind in Mali (Behind you)

Princess Leia wrote:

Bush went to the UN and had the support and went to the Congress and had the support which Obama had not done!

You do suffer from amnesia, you don’t remember the coalition of the willing going into Iraq and I am ashamed Australia was part of that phoney war? You don’t remember how Rumsfeld and Cheney tried to twist the arm of Kofi Anan and Blix, when they could not, they went along with their phoney war based on a BIG LIE and you are proud of that? Look, I can't continue that debate with you, you are so disconnected.

http://democratsbeforeiraqwar.blogspot.com Lie? really? Grow up and read the history.

How does the link you provided disprove that the war on Iraq was based on a gigantic lie (ie the supposed presence of WMDs...)?

It's just a collection of quotes by Democrats who bought this lie but it's not because many people believed the lie was true that it suddenly becomes true.

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