Inexpensive tele-coverter for Olympus XZ-1 - any good?

Started Jan 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Randyflycaster Regular Member • Posts: 101
Re: Inexpensive tele-coverter for Olympus XZ-1 - any good?

Paul Griffiths wrote:

You may want to look at the Olympus B-300 tele converter. This is the predecessor to the TCON-17 and enjoyed a near legendary reputation in its day (key words, "in its day"!) I have the a B-300 that I use on my Olympus C-730 (yep, old!) and I find it to be a solid performer. I honestly don't know, however, how it will perform on the newer and much higher mega-pixels digital cameras.

Here's one on E-bay -


Paul in NoVA


The B-300 converter looks interesting, but it has a 55mm thread. Can I use a step up ring on my XZ-1?


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