D5000 to D600, impressed!

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Re: No attacks were attempted... :)

FTH wrote:

J Mankila wrote:


Having said that, I have no trouble saying that the D5100 sensor is a very, very good sensor. The resolution is extremely useful, dynamic range superlative, while the QE is very close to the best current DSLRs, such as D600 and Canon 1D X. It might not be the latest generation of Sony sensors, but I would rate it almost equal in terms of usefulness and image quality to the new 24MP DX sensor.

Indeed, i have read your message to quickly, sorry.....

But I can see why you got the impression, as I articulated my point poorly.

..... I was just stating that many new FX users never tried recent consumer cameras, who share similar technology. I also agree that the D600 is a fantastic camera with a near perfect 24MP sensor for full frame. On the other hand, the D3200 who (apparently) doesn't share the same techology offers muddy colors after 800 iso. It may also be due to its smaller pixels...

I actually haven't seen other comparisons than the one in Dpreview's review. I would rather think the differences come from early, or poor, colour profiles on the ACR. Based on the "light-gathering efficiency", or QE, the 24MP DX Sony sensor is only a few percentage points behind the 16MP one, so that shouldn't be a huge issue (EDIT: whoops, actually, they should be more or less equal).

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