Visual Basic for Mac

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Re: Visual Basic for Mac


Others have mentioned the list of simple (mostly mid- and high level) languages - all of which can be thought of as BASIC like (which I'd call a mid-level language)

If you want the same pain as ye olde BASIC go for the C tools already there - same nuts and bolts feel as you got with MSBASIC but way more speed and power to muck things up.

if you want a simple general coding tool runable from a shell and also already on your mac, I'd go for python - a newer generation - still gives opportunity to code the long way round but also to be elegant with some of the more modern programming concepts (OOP and data handling) built into its very heart.  Python is genuinely learnable in a day (as far as you can learn any language in a day) and seems to be the goto code for integrating with other specialist routines - its very happy passing effort and questions out to other code and apps and then working with the answers, but has access to a full library of tools and routines to work out the answers itself if you want to.

If you want to control and integrate some of your existing mac software and functions previous posters have mentioned Applescript and Automator, but this is less like Basic coding and more like programming an old fashioned high end VCR.


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