How well does the A99 work for sports photography

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Re: Assisted focus points is only a gimmick.

Thank you all again for your help.

At this time I'm debating renting an a99 for some more testing but in my informal phototests at the local camera store the a99 can't hold it's high iso image quality to the 5diii.  But at the same time,  the camera I was borrowing the 5diii looked softer at lower ISO's than the a99.  Don't have an explanation other than me pixel peeping more than I need to.

Luckily I got to shoot a wedding renewal at our local temple the other day so I had the 5diii for the telephoto shots and used the a55 for my wide angle shots.  It was great having the flip screen on the a55 to get over head shots but I did end up with some good overhead shots from the 5diii just by guessing if the camera was pointed in the right area.  I also missed the evf of the a55 because on the 5diii with my lack of experience with the camera, I kept underexposing or overexposing the shot even though I could of sworn I was checking the exposure reading in the OVF screen.

I thought I was changing the exposure compensation and adjusting the shutter speed when in manual mode to change the exposure readings but I just couldn't dial in my settings perfectly.  But the camera was quite forgiving and I was able to get a lot of good shots.  So I'm really hoping once I get to own the camera, I'll get really used to it.  Especially with subjects with a bright background.  That is always a hard one for me to shoot but with the a55 evf I can dial in the correct settings by looking at the evf.  Just a tad harder on the 5diii especially without a flash.  Oh and I also overexposed her dress in the final group shot.  Guess that's a good reason to shoot in raw. Ah well, live and learn.

But it performed well with it's autofocus.  I had only a few shots out of focus and that is probably because I didn't realize my shutter speeds where down to 1/30s or lower.  I also have to get used to the dof as I was only getting one face of the couple in focus from the side.  Good thing it was just a wedding renewal and nothing too important like an actual wedding.

I've also decided that doing weddings is not something I want to do.  I'll stick with being a dad who enjoys taking shots of his kids! 

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