D600 Shortcomings: extracted from Ming Thein's review aand comments

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D600 Shortcomings: extracted from Ming Thein's review aand comments

I thought it would be helpful to extract the D600's main shortcomings from Ming Thein's D600 review and comments. Which points put you off and which ones do not matter to you?


1. Metering appears to be not quite as accurate for the overall scene like the D700. The D800 falls in the middle of the two. The camera seems to meter a bit hot in dark scenes, and a bit under for light/ white scenes. I found the meter inconsistent: sometimes hot, sometimes under, but actually it turns out half the problem is the LCD’s gamma being a bit off, and not being able to judge exposure accurately with it. I didn’t think the matrix metering was anything special; to be honest, it felt less reliable/ predictable than the D700 and got easily fooled by either bright point sources or what was directly under the AF point. That said, it’s no worse than the competition, just seemingly not quite as infallible as its predecessor.

2. Autofocus points are now even more clustered around the center of the frame. The overall coverage area is similar to the Canon 5DII, and it doesn’t cover the rule of thirds points, meaning that you’re almost always going to have to focus and reframe with off-center subjects, whereas the outermost row of five points would cover these subjects on the D700 and D800. The D600 may well be the only ‘proper’ camera I leave permanently in ‘centre-point-and-recompose’ mode. A greater AF point spread is good, but not if they’re not accurate…the D600 is accurate but tight. I think it’s mostly acceptable for the majority of situations.

3. The LCD also appears to be less accurate for judging exposure than before; it appears much brighter and more contrasty than the actual image. I think the only way around this is to go with the blinking highlights warning and histogram – though the former doesn’t tell you anything about gamma. You might think the midtones look okay, when in fact they’re underexposed by a stop or so…good thing the sensor has a lot of latitude.

4. The feel of the rubber grips – it’s definitely D7000 semi-slippery and not D800/ D700 sticky. I personally don’t find the shape that comfortable either; it’s too square around the bottom portion where you little finger rests.

5. The D600 lacks a few controls that I’ve come to rely on in my normal workflow: single-button zoom to a desired magnification level in playback using the center multi-selector; having the metering switch around the AE-AF-L button, and a separate AF-ON button. To the U1 and U2 mode dials – I’ll probably keep one set up for regular reportage-style shooting with 11-point AF-C, aperture priority and auto-ISO, and the other for studio/ flash work at the X-sync speed (1/200s), manual exposure mode, base ISO, and 39-point AF-C.

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