Can't decide Rx100 or Nex 5r !!!

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Re: Can't decide Rx100 or Nex 5r !!!

mikewired wrote:

I currently own a Nikon d7000 and it's great, but not for taking everywhere. I want something smaller to carry like many people do. I started looking and was intrigued by the new cameras on the market with fast lenses like 1.8 and 2.0. I like taking casual candid shots in lower indoor light and not killing everyone with flashes. I bought and took back my first two purchases which were the Canon s110 and the g15. They both had fast lenses and the pics looked great on the screen, but on the computer I noticed too much noise and grain for my liking. These two cameras in my opinion should not be used beyond iso 800 and iso 1600 and above for a reach! Next I bought a Sony Nex C3 at Sears on a super clearance and thought I would try it and sell to make a few bucks. Well after trying the C3 it seems to be keeping up with my d7000 on noise and low light capability with the 3.5 kit lens. The APS-C sized sensor in the nex is a great and the bokeh is awesome. I really think I would like the Rx100 but I am now thinking I would regret leaving the APS-C sensor offerings of the Nex. I like the swivel screen and the wifi of the Nex 5r and the compact size of the RX100. Now I also wonder how good the Nex can be with the 16mm pancake lens. Best Buy currently has an open box 5r for 571.00 and the RX100 of course is 650.00. What to do?

Are you keeping your D7000 after you buy either of the Sony?  If you are, go with the RX100.  If not then take the 5R.

I had to make the same decision when the NEX5 first came out.  I sold my D7000 shortly after, which was and will be my last bulky DSLR.

If you'll only be using E mount zooms on the NEX, the faster lens on the RX100 will cancel out a bit of the ISO advantage of the NEX.  I actually sold my 5N after I bought the RX100 (see a pattern here lol), but Amazon had a smoking deal on the 5R and I couldn't resist.

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