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Another POV on the matter

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Moreover, exactly the same event can be described in several ways, depending on your point of view.

You can read Thom Hogan's interpretation in the middle of this page:

"Foveon failed as a company not because the technology wasn't good enough, but because of the company's method of "negotiating" with camera companies: they didn't get very far with their aggressive-American-with-patents approach. [...] My whole point was that you can't be an aggressive Gaijin who overprices oneself to the Japanese. The Japanese don't like "outside" technologies that then indebt them to large, continued royalty streams. They absolutely don't like arrogant sales presentations that tell them that there are no other options and the way they're doing it is a dead end."

Sounds like LM and TH might be commenting based on input coming from different sides of the negotiations.

Maybe the tasty SD9 and SD10 forced them to put a slightly lower price on some cameras ... maybe. Thats not the same as the deliberately plans to sabotage for Foveon.

IIRC, when the SD9 was announced at PMA 2002 it was "suggested priced" at $3k just like the Canon D60.  It was Nikon who aggressively priced the D100 that forced the other's to match.

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