How to stop ISO from going to a setting by mistake

Started Jan 14, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: How to stop ISO from going to a setting by mistake

Puddleglum wrote:

ttan98 wrote:


I setup myself a habit of every time I take out my Nex camera, I view most settings in my camera that includes ISO, etc, it takes about 10-15 secs, that way I know what settings I have and can change them when I need to for variety of shots.

This is good advice. But all the same, I do wish there was some setting whereby if the camera was not used for say, 6-8 hours, on startup the PASM modes reverted to auto white balance and ISO.

Good idea!

Better still, make the default, start-up settings controllable to the preferences of the user. It would seem that this would be fairly easy to achieve with a firmware modification.

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