X100S...worth the premium over a used X100?

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Re: X100S...worth the premium over a used X100?

I guess I will be a contrarian in the crowd. Of course, questions as stated does not have an answer - what is $1,000 to you? It means different things to different people. I can afford it either way, but this is not a negligible expense for me.

I have been one of the early adapters of X100 and use X-E1 as the main travel camera. Why did I sell X100: image quality was always great, nothing to complain about; operation and responsiveness super bad. The only worse line of cameras as far as focusing performance that I have used and use are Sigma DP* - those are so bad, I took one to a shoot for fun (using my DSLR as the main camera still) and models were laughing when it failed to focus in 2 min or so.

When traveling I need more than a single focal length so I never imagined going for a vacation just with X100. X100 was supposed to be the light walkaround camera. This type of photography opportunistic by nature, and yes even includes pictures of my son. Fuji was failing me left and right at that - failing to focus for 15 seconds or so in cross light at times. Did I get great images from Fuji - yes; did I miss more than expected share of shots - yes.

So for me X100s was a no brainer - it fixes one of the main problems that I had. The other features are add-ons. I love Zeiss and Leica lenses but focusing them on X-E1 is not as easy as I would like, I would love to see how the split prism compares to the convenience of focusing on M8. If it works as advertised and incorporated into X-Pro1 it will kill new Leica M. New sensor is great, and extra stop in light sensitivity is important - so far I've failed to he the limit of usefulness of high ISO.

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