2012 27-inch iMac 768 Flash + External Storage vs. 3TB fusion + External Storage

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Re: 2012 27-inch iMac 768 Flash + External Storage vs. 3TB fusion + External Storage

I'm open minded and the solution does not need to be 3.5, but I want to keep it SSD based ... and yes, I have considered getting something like the Promise Pegasus and using 2.5 SSDs with 3.5 sleds...but solutions such as the Pegasus comes with drives and so it's not really the right solution for me.

Looking at the 1TB LaCie Little Big Disk right now.  Pricey, but small and gives me 1TB of very fast storage for photo work.

Took a look at the G RAID but it does not let the user service the hard drives, NUTS

A software based RAID device that is getting some decent review is the Promise J4 - insert 4 SSDs or HDDs if you so desire and setup RAID 0 for example in Disk Utility .. 500+ r/w speeds.  It's also supposed to run very quiet.  There is a user named Howard at Macrumors who did some extensive tests.  I could get one of these and add SSDs one step at a time until it's all filled up.  But it can only take 240GB SSDs max.

Then there is this little guy from Drobo, the Drobo Mini but for some reason I'm not feeling it with Drobo, they have such a bad rep for reliability...altho it's starting to make the most sense.  It takes 500GB SSDs, and it's USB 3 plus Thunderbolt annnddd it has SSD caching via an mSATA SSD.

So there is a little more to chew one

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