Pluses and minuses of 5DIII vs. 6D???

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Re: To: scorehound re: 7D in high ISO photos and noise

I'm not sure I understand noise that much. It is hard for me to see any on these photos made at 3200 ISO at the Atlanta Aquarium. High ISO noise reduction was turned off. These are straight out of the camera and not the best ones, but the water the fish were in had particles floating around so these were out of the water.

All were made with 7D and 17-55 lens @ 3200 ISO & Auto WB.

C & C welcomed--- for the noise, etc. but not for the "that's a great photo" because they're not. I just wanted to know about the noise.

This was shot thru glass. Focus points on front left shoulder and left rear knee.

Two focus points- one SW and one NE of his eye.

Four focus points on the two in the middle. The color is way off for this one.

Focus points on the shrimp and numbers.

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