Scenes from the first days in Laos (WARNING: many images)

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Scenes from the first days in Laos (WARNING: many images)

I finally started on the images taken more than a month ago when I spent two weeks in Laos visiting remote villages in the north and west of the country. I posted a small sample when I got back and as promised, here are a few from the first few days of the trip.

Laos is a fascinating place and her people warm and friendly, and generally opened to being photographed. I did spend quite a bit of time travelling up the Mekong and her tributaries calling upon villages inhabited by the Hmong and Khmu minority groups. These communities are mainly self sufficient and rely heavily on the river to travel, fish in, bathe and play in as well.

I was very fortunate to see the things I did and to meet the folks I came across. More than anything, it was the children that caught my eyes and lens. I visited remote schools, dormitories and even orphanages (and sadly, there were too many of them - mostly under resourced and barely coping). I was invited into the homes of strangers and once or twice involved myself in the day to day activity of the villages I visited - like chopping firewood, cutting vegetables for dinner and watching the women weave with old wooden looms. And the food which is not dissimilar to Thai food is yummy .... loads of lemongrass and chillies and garlic.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. I had a ball creating them. All comments welcomed as usual, thank you.

C'mon ...... give this nice man a smile she said (I think)

A Khmu lady and child

Livestock wander freely in all the villages I visited

The local top spinning champion - and he was good!

A Hmong mother and child ...... I completely burnt the highlights here. Not so treatable when it comes from the M9P sensor

A typical village dwelling in the highlands

These girls were entertaining themselves oblivious to my camera and lens

The monks start down from their hilltop temple ..... heading into the town below where the town people wait with food for them - part of alms giving in this Buddhist community

I mucked up the focus totally on this one but I liked the solitary monk too much to throw it out

Chicken (at least I think they are) skewers for supper anyone ?

Waiting for breakfast

The obligatory golden temple .... in Vientiane the capital

A young girl outside the classroom window (yep ... that's the window) in a village school in the highlands

I was in a classroom at a school during the lunch break.. These two boys were most intrigued

This grandma afforded me countless pictures and boundless joy

One of the few with the 21 summilux to break up the perspective

The river is not very deep and must serve these men well

A not untypical scene when pulling up at a village in far north Laos

Playing with the light on one of the many tracks into remote villages

Nobody wants to play ...........

No end to the fun for these three .........

I don't normally load up with these many images - just got carried away.


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