Anything seriously bad to say about the LX-7?

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Re: Anything seriously bad to say about the LX-7?

karlreed wrote:

I have been comparing the XZ-2 and the LX-7 The only serious complaint I have seen is that it does not have a retracting lens cap..

Get a jjc autolenscap for the lx7 now, I used that for years on my lx5

Yes, the new level gauge is horribly in the way of framing, and frame lines are either on or off all the time, highly frustrating, the four display modes are info/info-level/level/nothing and then you can choose to have framelines all the time or not! The disp button is easy to hit by accident so I almost want to return my lx7 for this issue and truly hope they will fix it in a firmware upgrade!

On my former xz-1 i was continously missing features from lx5, the options were more restricted and settings too complicated, for that alone i would avoid the zx-2, especially now that lx7 has funny and interesting effect filters too

Lx7 has the aspect switch which is wonderful to frame with, plus the physical focus switch is a must for fast work, yet they are slightly more difficult to reach on the lx7 than on lx5

One really sad thing on lx7 is the limit on video to 29minutes, probably part of some stupid law, makes it impossible to record lectures, and truly a downgrade from the lx5 (or is this only the european version?)

There is a 52mm lenshood adaptor now, so the official fragile 37mm can be forgotten peacefully, i was shaken to think that all my filters were useless, and one more reason i almost gave it up

Battery life less than lx5, monitor way better, so it is a good tradeoff, and still at least 300pics

The handgrip is slightly smaller making is a bit more fiddly to handle, and the battery door can apparently break if you are forcing it

The izoom digital zoom is better, making a fairly useful fake 180mm up from the optical 90mm, yet the 24mm start is my main reason for having this camera, it is so incredibly useful, especially together with my fish-eye filter!

Image quality is a step better than lx5 and actually reaches into m43 territory if you shoot in low light, since you can use lower iso, which i find a more realistic comparison than studio shots - you can get a few lx7 for the price is this lens

Thus compared to a normal m43 kit lens (3.5-5.6) you have several stops more light on the lx7 and the images will be the same iq regarding noise, though of course bokeh is reserved the big boys;)

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