The system does work.

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Re: The system can work

Since I do not know what algorithm is being used in the data analysis I will give the dpr people the benefit of the doubt.  There are so many potential problems of analyzing relative data such as linearity of scaling, etc, etc.  it is very difficult to be fair.  More sophisticated statistical analysis will never make up for poor data.

I would rather see participants encouraged to vote on all photos rather than make it compulsory, which might make them just quickly assign a bunch of low votes.

How about making the voting results distribution for each participant displayed as a histogram under his entry after the voting has been completed?  I assume it should have some simblence of a normal distribution.  It should make it very apparent who  is doing the cheating.  It might also reveal to some honest people that their voting is distorted in one direction or another.

I am also concerned about accusing anyone of cheating since that seems to invite legal challenges.  Perhaps voting inconsistency or some other term might be used.

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