5d3 or D800 for landscape and architecture

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Rick Knepper
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I'll second this recommendation

Dan_168 wrote:

D E Mitchel wrote:

I am at a tipping point where I can buy either a Canon 5d mk III or a Nikon D800. My two interests are architecture and landscape.

If resolution and Dynamic Range is high on your list then it's a no brainer to go with the D800E as landscape cam, at least that's what I do as a dual system user and landscape shooter, previously 5D2, 1DS2 and D3 shooter and now shooting with D800E only for landscape and everything else with 1DS2, 1DS3 and 1D2. 5D3 is not even on my consideration list as landscape cam after playing with it, coming from 5D2, the so called "improvement " on the 5D3 doesn't provide me any benefit at all to my landscape work, AF improvement is one major update on the 5D3, but I am shooting with Zeiss and TSE 99% of the time for landscape work, so that AF improvement is useless for me, high ISO is also useless for me as I shoot ISO 100 on tripod 99% of time for landscape, what I want to see is huge step up in the DR and ISO 100 shadow performance department, which is exactly where I found in the the D800E. However, for architecture the TSE 17 and TSE 24 II is a good reason to stick with the Canon system, at least until Nikon come up with a PC-E 17 and a updated PCE24, I don't do architecture but love those two TSE for landscape works, so my two TSE is taking a short vacation in the closet now until the next Canon high resolution high DR FF body arrives, if that will ever happened.

Being dual platform myself. With no high resolution Canon on the horizon save for vague rumors, I bit down on the D800E just recently. Originally purchased a refurb which, of cousre, had the AF problems and exchanged it for a new model which arrived last Friday. With limited outdoors shooting over the cold blustery weekend, it is crystal clear I made a good choice.

I still shoot with the 5D2 for landscape. Canon has the better zoom lens lineup for my purposes. 24-70 II & 70-200/4 plus the awesome TSE 17mm. Nikon has the 14-24G and 24-70G (which I purchased before the 24-70 II was released) and all of my Zeiss ZF primes.

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