Planning to buy a new DSLR

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Re: Planning to buy a new DSLR

Another bit to think about:

You buy into a system.

That means: If you start with Nikon, you'll stick to Nikon for a long time. So take a look at the "better" equipment, since needs grow---inevitable (believe me ... :-S).

With your general requirements I can only say:

Take a look at all Manufacturers. There are

m4/3: Panasonic and Olympus. Small sensor, but good for travel.

Pentax, even though a little underrepresented here, is no slouch at all.

Sony, well quite a newcomer. Might have a excellent sensor, but lacking in the Lens department (I assume).

And the 2 big players: Nikon and Canon. Right at the moment, Nikon leads in the sensor segment (and not too many years before Canon was). The Lens lineup of both is excellent, as it is for the accessories. But probably you'll never need it to that extend.

Alltogether I'd say:

A conservative move is Nikon or Canon. They offer a full range up to full frame cameras. But also very solid consumer-line.

Pentax can also be considered if you will never go to the full-frame sensor size.

m4/3 are to be preferred if you travel a lot. Shallow DOF photography is almost impossible however.

Sony, well, I'm not yet convinced. Their Lenses get often tested medicore (well, the consumer-grade ones are ok, but the step up might lack a bit). But I have never used a Sony DSLR.

So again: Think into the future: Where do you want to be at the end of the road: Capturing brilliant memories? All of them will do. Trying to get a step into photo-buisness? Again all of them will do, but those with the bigger lens department will have an advantage.

Is cost an issue? I think, Nikon and Canon are more on the costly side.

Think twice: You buy into a system.

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