LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

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Re: LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

Edgar Matias wrote:

Lobalobo wrote:

Although the time you spent to reply is appreciated, your condescending tone is not.

In either case, it is rude to accuse someone who has helped you of making you feel bad, because they didn't phrase their reply in a way that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and smart.

A simple "thank you" goes a long way.

Fair enough, but if you read the thread you'll see that I thanked the original poster multiple times.  In the last exchange, I asked a specific question prompted by his own post and rather than answer the question he responded, in essence, that the question wasn't worth asking, something he apparently believes I would have understood if I did not suffer the misconception of the masses; he then told me, in almost (but not quite) these terms, to stop asking questions and just try the settings he offered.  It is for these response that I suggested his tone was condescending.  I stand by this and would wager that most would read the response in context the same way.  (I say, "in context," because the post is not on its own objectionable; the tone is different, though, in the context of the question to which it responded, again, a question that was not only not answered, but derided as not worth asking.) This does not detract from the fact that the poster was nice to have offered his settings in the first place, and as I said, I thanked him for that.  And it's not as if I accused him of some terrible crime; all I did was call him on his tone.  If he thought my question was stupid, which he apparently did, the better reaction would have been not to respond.  Anyway, once again, I do thank him for taking the time.

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