Metabones "Speed Booster" (way) off topic

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Re: Metabones "Speed Booster" (way) off topic

It is an interesting device. Read somewhere that Kodak held the patent but this has since been sold off so we might see more of these from other manufacturers. has a good write up and plus links to other reviews. Plus there's the rumor that an FD adapter is on the cards, Small correction to your post if I read you correctly if you could mount your 85mm FD on the GXR mount module it would all cancel out so you'd get a 85mm fov with the speed increase.

Looking at the examples so far the IQ looks pretty good, maybe a bit of loss of contrast but that can always be corrected in post. Further down the line hope we might see a set of these adapting slr lens to the M mount the FD and a M42 would be great. Or maybe a set taking M lens and adapting to the X and Nex mounts, and get even more options for that shelf of glass I've accumulated since getting the M module!

Alas an M to M adapter will never be possible, though I wonder if an APS-C M mount module could have these reducing optics built in?

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