Shooting on manual with ISO on auto

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Re: Shooting on manual with ISO on auto


I an a beginner shooting with a 7D. I try always to shoot in manual. I now started shooting with the ISO on auto. I keep on changing the the shutter and the aperture to what I want and the let the ISO vary up until 1600. Is that a good idea?

Like others have said, it's one way to use the camera. I like it sometimes because I can select the normal exposure parameters (shutter speed and aperture), and the camera adjusts to get the exposure that it thinks is correct. As metioned, it's a shame that Canon doesn't let you dial in Exposure Compensation in this mode/configuration... but a work around is using spot metering and locking exposure with the spot on a neutral brightness area before reframing and taking the shot that you wanted.

It's a totally different paradigm than people from the film world (like I was until about 15 years ago) are used to... but ISO has always been one of the sides of the exposure triangle. It's just that now digital has made it just as easy to adjust ISO as it always has been to adjust shutter speed and aperture (no more winding up a half used roll to change film speeds when you go from inside to outside and vice versa). Which is why it's frustrating to me that Canon hasn't implemented it as a "normal" mode and allowed a way to dial in EC like you can in Tv and Av modes.

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