D600 - all this noise and yet good sales..

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Re: D600 - all this noise and yet good sales..

amarjot wrote:


have sold my S95 and my D90 with my DX lenses.. thinking of the ultimate upgrade for me the RX100 and the D600...

Have my 70-300 vr and my 50mm 1.8 left so the logical choice was to get the D600 (been waiting for something like this for years).. and then read and re-read all the hype about sensor dust etc..

My question is how bad is it? I have seen samples do they get worse? Is it permanent or after cleaning it regularly it improves.

D600 fx camera - Lots of complaints about sensor dust all over- Nikon doesnt acknowledge - And yet they seem to be selling. Infact i missed the oppurtunity of picking up the D600 and the 24-85mm (thinking like many they were off loading defected pieces) although it would have been perfect could have sold the 24-85 and got the 24-70mm.

I guess for Companies like nikon to acknowledge defects, people should actually return the cameras and not buy for some time, otherwise why would they even be bothered as long as they are selling.

I have managed to hold out to the temptation for so long, as I was contemplating some sort of an upgrade maybe a D600E which Nikon would have resolved most of the issues... But have heard nothing.

Is it worth holding out for a few months or Just pick up the D600 and learn to live with it, Cleaning the sensor would have liked to avoid but if the spots are not such a big deal can always clean it..


i switched from 5Dmk2 to D600. I bought D600 from the shop, and it already had 330 shots. At home I tested it for dust. There were 3 reatively big spots at f/22. At normal setting they were barely visible, better - only after cruel contrast adjustment.

At normal apertures (f/2.8-f/6.7) they are invisible.

After 150 shots I retested the camera and no other spots appeared.

I will eventually send the camera to cleaning when it gets 1000 shots or so, but this problem is  overhyped.

Anyway in Germany it costs 500 Euro less than Canon 6D. I will put the question in different way: Will you clean the sensor to you friend 3 times for 500 Euro? I will.

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